How about this New Year’s resolution? Explore New England.

Old Sunoco New England MapIt’s January 1st and we know what that means: introspection time and goal setting for the new year. We’ll find the inevitable weight loss, career advancement, home improvement, etc. Yawn. Yes, we have those too. Had them last year and will have them next. They’re motivating until about January 3rd. How about we (you and us) do something different? How about a resolution that goes the entire year? How about a resolution that makes us feel good? Don’t despair; we’d like to help.

Resolve to explore and discover one new thing in New England in every season. Visit a small museum in a neighboring town. Hike an interesting trail that reveals regional geological qualities. Eat at a small restaurant whose fare incorporates some local ingredients. Take a boat ride down a river or around a bay. Visit a farm. Sit on a town common. Catch a production at a local playhouse. Read a book about New England and meet the author. We could go on for hours. Need more? Check out our regular stream on twitter.

Those of us who live here are lucky because it’s easy to explore. Those who visit from out of New England are lucky, too, because we pack so much into a small area. So, what’s stopping you from getting out and veering off the beaten path? Over the year, share your experiences and you’ll realize how fortunate we are in the northeast corner of the country.

Don’t know where to start? Take a ride around your town and check out something that you’ve driven by on numerous occasions. Planned or spontaneous, the possibilities are endless.

See? No stress, very stimulating, and fun. Please keep us abreast of your travels!

Happy New Year,
-The Two Palaverers


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